• James McAvoy keeps getting work. People are still stumped.
  • Heidi Montog poses half nude for Maxim magazine. While her body may be, she defends “The Hills” as not being fake.
  • Cloverfield monster destroys fake oil rig. Gets more news coverage than war in Iraq.
  • Christina Ricci plays a young women who was born with an ugly pig-nose who struggles to find love. Apparently it’s not based on “I Love New York” but I’m still suspicious.
  • The marriage of Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and Mary Jane gets completely erassed from their memory. Much like the marriage of Tom Greene and Drew Barrymore.
  • The Cloverfield camp releases more images of the cast but still does not reveal the monster. Whatever it ends up being, I’m glad it finally gives the statue of liberty what it deserves.