Here’s how it works. We get announcements about a movie…say “Penelope” and watch the trailer. We go: “Another James McAvoy movie, huh?” We look him up. IMBD tells us that this particular film is from 2006 (post “…Narnia” part 1, pre- “Becoming Jane”). The only film yet to be released after “Penelope” is Universal’s action pic about a fraternity of assassins, based on a comic book, obvi. It’s called “Wanted,” and as it didn’t make it into our 08 film preview, we thought we’d share the trailer and the stills. Suddenly McAvoy, who is best-known for courting Jane Austen or playing a furry faun, is now flashing his nips, toting rifles and sucking face with Angelina Jolie.

It was only a matter of time.