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By the end of the month, when the new season of “LOST” premieres, it will be like a mirage for those of us who have been living in the drought caused by the WGA strike.  ABC is not sending out any advance episodes to press in fear of spoiler alerts on a blog near you.  So as we wait out the month, you should be sure that you have caught up with season three of the series.  I had let it go during their hiatus last year and just recently caught up with the DVDs.  Quite frankly, with a show like “LOST,” you want to see it all back-to-back anyway; jaw-dropping moments in the last three minutes are best when you can move right along.  When we begin the third season, it is in the home of one of “the others” as she gets ready for a book club meeting.  Common sense would tell you that these kids should be off the island by now.  They find cars, monsters, submarines, entire cul-de-sacs…you think they would stumble upon a Starbucks with WiFi by now…  Nonetheless, many fun adventures happen in the third season that are worth our attention.  None are quite as thrilling as the revelation of the final episode, which is the best cliffhanger the series has given us thus far.