Terminator, the Fox TV series, is terrific. “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” (debuting with back-to-back episodes Sunday, Jan. 13, and Monday, Jan. 14) picks up between the second and third movies with Sarah and son John on the run from the Terminators, but you don’t have to be a fan of the movies to get caught up in the drama and excitement. It starts with the breathtaking opening scene in the pilot and never lets up. You can’t wait to see what happens next. Give credit to producer David Nutter, the master of TV pilots, and writer/executive producer Josh Friedman for setting the tone. The cast is perfect. Lena Headey (“300”) reinforces the legend of Sarah Connor, the mother who will go to any length to protect her child. Thomas Dekker captures John, the future savior of the human race, as a bewildered teen learning to deal with his fate. Summer Glau, who played River in “Firefly”, is sensational as an almost-human Terminator whose mission is to protect John. “Come with me if you want to live.” It’s the best line of the pilot. And this is the best new show of 2008.