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Lets skip over how doubtful it is that there’s a map on the back of the Declaration of Independence that leads to a $1.2 billion dollar treasure and jump straight to the implausible plot point of the film.  A fidgety, caffeine-raged history nerd (Nicolas Cage) and his one-lining sidekick manage to smuggle it out of the National Archives only to lead to a D.C. car chase involving 006 and a hot blonde girl dangling from a speeding van. There are so many far-fetched scenarios in “National Treasure” that you just have to give in and let yourself have fun watching Cage run around in a Jerry Bruckheimer-budgeted world. A world where Benjamin Franklin has invented the first 3D glasses and young attractive blonde National Archives workers fall in love with, well, Nicholas Cage. The 2-Disc “collector’s” edition is about as generic as they come. There is the usual “see how we blew this up!” feature as well as a “ciphers, codes & codebreakers” feature that has as much pizazz as an A&E history lesson. As cynical as I may sound, I actually did enjoy the movie. Enough to spend $10.50 on “National Treasure 2”? Well that’s a whole different story.