Courtesy of Food Network.


The Food Network
Premieres Saturday, 12 January @ 9:30pm ET/PT

Since Jamie Oliver (who some may still refer to as ‘the Naked Chef’) first appeared on the scene, his scrappy approach to food, cooking and teaching has been most charming. He moves so fast in the kitchen that it’s hard to keep up (and if you want evidence, look at him on any talk show appearance). At the same time, however, he is completely carefree; creating –isms that may well redefine your methods of measuring (add a “knob” of butter). In his new Food Network show, which has already aired in the U.K., Oliver brings it back to the rustic roots of good cooking. Episode one, “Pumpkins & Squash” has got him breaking out the mortar & pestle, the brick oven in the yard and all manner of gourds to throw into soup, cook alongside duck, or throw in with whatever else looks tasty. ‘Jamie at Home’ is a big change from the young, metropolitan feel of ‘The Naked Chef.’ This is an older, wiser, more family-orientated Jamie. And he’s great to watch, too– especially when we’re ready to hibernate for the winter and settle in for some deliciousness.