Oh my Goth, it’s over for Kynt and Vyxsin. Those spirited Goth kids from Louisville are out of The Amazing Race, and it’s their fault. They overcame the dreaded Speed Bump but then used the U-Turn on the wrong team, choosing Nicholas and Donald instead of Nate and Jen, the team right behind them. Big blunder. At least Phil made them smile when he said they were the “most fashionable team” to compete in the history of the race. (According to their bio, Kynt and Vyxsin have collectively dyed their hair 18 different colors.) The Goths are gone but not forgotten. Maybe CBS can put them on Survivor. I’d love to see Vyxsin in a bikini. So now it’s down to four teams: Nicholas and Donald (the grandson and grandfather), Nate and Jen (the obnoxious bickering couple), Ron and Christina (Daddy Dearest and his patient daughter), and TK and Rachel (the mellow Californians). I’m rooting for Nick and Gramps.