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While these discs may not have been on the top of your gift-giving / receiving list, we are now in the post-holiday, gift certificate-using mode, so this is the time. Over the past few years, Disney DVD has been releasing these wonderful sets in tin collector’s cases.  Now there are three new ones out for the picking.  1. Disneyland: Secrets, Stories & Magic.  Featuring opening day in 1955, attendance at the World’s Fair, TV broadcasts and a new documentary with archival footage.  This is a great one for fans of the Disney glory days.  2. The Chronological Donald, Volume Three 1947-1950.  On here you’ll see “The Many Faces of Donald Duck”, a charming little retrospective on the (original) Donald,  as well as 31 shorts with the cranky fella.  3. The Adventures of Oswald: The Lucky Rabbit.  Though we’ve never heard of Oswald, this guy predates Mickey, believe it or not.  He first hit the Disney lot in 1926 and you can now catch these shorts with folks like Leonard Maltin chiming in with their commentary.  Take a look at these, and depending on the type of Disney fare you’re keen on, there should be something to your liking.