In the wake of High School Musical, we have learned that Zac Efron shows no shame kissing Lil’ Wayne on the lips, Vanessa Hutchins loves to pose nude, and that teenagers singing pop songs about their gym class woes while executing poorly choreographed dance numbers make a lot of money. So its not surprise really that MTV is creating their own version of the pre-teen musical called “The American Mall.”

..a romantic comedy-drama set at a mall that centers on high school graduate Ally (Dobrev), a singer-songwriter battling to save her mother’s music store and to keep the boy she loves, Joey (Mayes), a musically gifted young janitor who fronts a garage band.

This will serve as a nice uplifting buffer between “True Life: I’m In Rehab” and “MADE: I Want To Be a Prom Queen.”

[MTV dances with ‘Mall’ crowd]