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If you have seen “Juno” already, then you are quite familiar with the quirky snarkiness in Diablo Cody’s script and Jason Reitman’s direction.  If not, then get ready, because it will soon be at your local cinema.  The soundtrack is inextricably married to the film as you watch it, but it’s a great album on its own as well.  The overall tone is…well, I’m not quite sure.  There’s probably an industry term for this post-hipster-folk-y-irreverent-yet-mature-and-sometimes-political-yet-giddy music that the kids seem to be enjoying these days.  Artists on the album include some well-knowns like Belle & Sebastian, Sonic Youth, Velvet Underground and The Kinks.  Also on here, however, are eight songs by Kimya Dawson (keep your ears open for this one), and Michael Cera and Ellen Page strumming away to ‘Anyone Else But You’ by The Moldy Peaches.  Oddball, soothing and somehow endearing, the soundtrack to “Juno” is just as wonderful as the film.  Add to cart.