lifetimeofsecrets.jpgHarper Collins
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Wow. So these are the kind of crazy’s that share the same streets as me? Before PostSecret came along I never wondered if the person sitting across from me on the train urinated in hotel sinks for fun, or was turned on by women with broken feet. Now, the hundreds of dreadful, unsettling, and sometimes captivating secrets have muddled my view of the average outsider. “A Lifetime Of Secrets” is the fourth book in the ongoing series. The project, which originally started as a blog, entailed strangers mailing in their darkest secrets to creator, Frank Warren. And when I say “mail” I mean with a stamp. Most of the postcards themselves are hand drawn pieces of art. Sometimes doodles or collages or old photographs that have been tagged with some detail from the senders closeted life. Any vessel is fair game as long as some intimate fact about yourself is engraved on it. Since 2004, 150,000 secrets have been dispatched to Frank, who then has the hard job of deciding which secrets are too lame to publish. I can’t help but wonder how many, if any, are pure fiction. I imagine the guy that secretly mails in fake secrets to a stranger probably has some pretty juicy skeletons in his closet.