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This is the kind of book I imagine would be laying on the coffee table of Jude Law or Hugh Grant in some edgy romantic dramedy about two spinsters falling in love. There would probably be a cute kid involved and some brief nudity. Maybe a group singing scene. Anyway, this is one of those books that¹s made for coffee tables: 2 parts geek, 1 part bachelor. Louise Simonson and Adam Hughes (who apparently have some sort of reputation in the comic book world) introduce the book by proclaiming “Sex Sells.” They might as well just started off the book with “GOTCHA!” 200+ pages of scantily clad superheroes soon diffuse the feeling of being suckered. Some of whomseem moments away from having a Tera Reid-like wardrobe malfunction. The book showcases famous comic book covers of all the usual DC vixens, including Wonder Woman, Lois Lane, Supergirl, the girls of Gotham, and more. These iconic heroes once served as role models to little girls everywhere. Unfortunately, now-a-days, they just don’t seem to inspire the way they used to. At least I don¹t think there are any heroic stories of Wonder Women fighting off a coke problem.