New York City
Now open to the public

Over the years The Bowery has been known for late night perusing and home to the legendary CBGB’s. Well now, it has seen the light of day with the New Museum. With the new addition of The Bowery Hotel for late night drinks with the stars, it was the appropriate next step to have a proper museum below Houston Street. Wandering through the building with its fresh new smell and installation and collage work, each new work popped as you go from floor to floor, wondering what surprise you might end up in front of next. The way it is set up, intending you to walk around the surrounding art – it reminded me of Bilboa, which was a treasure to see in Spain, but now right in our very own back yard. I enjoyed being able to manage this museum as you might do with The Guggenheim, to see every piece before you leave, a sense of accomplishment. If only to prove that, when you arrive at the top, there are windows surrounding you and all natural light where you can get a glimpse of the beauty and art of what we still call The Bowery. It is a great escape away from the shopping in SoHo and Sunday brunch on Spring Street, featuring a slew of new and upcoming inspirational artists.