What’s up with Sarah Michelle Gellar? Buffy turns 30 and shows up on the cover of Maxim as its 2008 Woman of the Year. Actually both covers — the back cover is the magazine’s Holiday Gift Guide (very well done BTW). “I like to shake things up once in a while,” she says. OK, but do you have to wear pants? Gellar’s signature vampire- killer role ended four years ago, and since then she has appeared in a number of mediocre movies. She has three more set for the new year — “The Air I Breathe” (playing a pop star), “Possession” (playing a lawyer) and “Southland Tapes” (playing a porno star… yes a porno star… “When you think about who should play a porn star, don’t I just pop into your mind?”) Meanwhile, E! Online is reporting that SMG is disenchanted with the scripts she’s been receiving and is considering returning to TV.