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In shops on 11 December

When this movie premiered on the Disney Channel back in August, it became the most-watched cable telecast of all time. Up until now, I have steered clear from all the fuss. On the special features of this disc, director / choreographer can be heard telling the cast during a rehearsal: “If it wasn’t for Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon, we wouldn’t be here.” How very true. My generation grew up watching cartoons on Saturday morning and movies like “Flight of the Navigator” on Sunday nights as the Disney movie presentation of the week. Since then, family-friendly programming has become harder to find in the mainstream spots. This clean, fun, exuberant musical cannot be praised enough. It’s a solid film, but even if you’re not too keen on the material, you should be thrilled that it can entertain the kids in your life with no worries. “High School Musical” recalls the days when Mouseketeers were not paparazzi bait and when bold colours, fun music, and a good story were all you needed to get you through the summer. It may be the best thing to happen to the millennial generation since it began its overstimulated existence twelve years ago.