One husband dies, and everyone loses a friend. That was the promise for Sunday’s heavily-hyped “Desperate Housewives” tornado cliffhanger. Well Victor got a picket fence spike through the heart. There’s the husband. No big surprise. John Slattery has a better role on “Mad Men” and there was nowhere for the mayor’s storyline to go. Gaby and Carlos can now reunite. Now the friend… don’t tell me it’s Ida the cat lady. Mrs. McCluskey’s pal is a minor character. Maybe the “friend” is lost not dead. The episode ended with Lynette screaming as she saw the destruction on Wisteria Lane, Mrs. McCluskey’s home destroyed with Tom and the kids presumably buried under the rubble. The second part of the episode has been filmed but won’t air until the writers’ strike has been settled. Plenty of time for speculation.