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In shops on 4 December

Might this be the end of the Pirates? At long, long last? Well after taking in this third installment in the franchise, I certainly hope so. I’m not sure if there was too much going on in the plot of this one, or maybe not enough. Either way, it took me two sittings to get through the film with my attention intact. And let it be known that I love love love the first two. Not sure what was going on here, maybe the pseudo pirate politics that comes with so many scraggly types trying to make decisions en masse just didn’t work out. I’m happy to report that the sets are still brilliant (as they should be, considering the source material is an amusement park ride and there was a reported budget of nearly $300 million), the music is still awesome and sweeping. And our leads are either handsome or pretty as appropriate in that…well, dirty…sort of way. There are some great ideas here, like Jack Sparrow’s descent into madness and the answers to Will and Elizabeth’s complicated yearnings. It may very well be that each scene, as with movies like “King Kong,” is terrific and we love it, but it simply overstays its welcome. Keith Richards, though? Pretty terrific placement, there. Certainly can’t fault anyone for that casting move. Other than that, I’d recommend another look at the first two rather than indulge in this addition to the library.