• Pictures of Heath Ledger as The Joker have been hitting the web recently. Looking suspiciously like a cross between E.B Farnum and the guy I give spare change to under the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • OC star Adam Brody and Megan Gale (A model, who woulda thought?) have been chosen to round off the cast of the new Justice League of America movie as The Flash and Wonder Women. Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights) and Armie Hammer (Desperate Wives, episode “Distance Pass”) will complete the cast as Superman and Batman. Although the plot of the movie still remains to be heard, judging by that cast Im guessing it has something to do with the hero’s exchanging heated text messages on their sidekicks soundtracked by Peter Bjorn & John.
  • The clever guys over at Maxim magazine have compared the latest Watchmen set photos to images from the original graphic novel. You will be able to find this little think piece between their other page turners like “The Five Unsexiest Women Alive” and “The Nine Hottest Pregnant Women, Ever.”
  • Its been reported that NBC’s recent re-invention of “Knightrider” will transform KITT from Pontiac Trans Am to a Ford Mustang. The only people happy about this are the kinds of people that drive Ford Mustangs.
  • You can check out 6 clips from the next episode of Heroes over at If your into that kind of thing.