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Maybe I’m just a negative person or maybe I’m just getting too old for today’s current music scene, but after several hearings of The Protocol’s fours songs from their myspace page, all I can do is be reminded of every crappy pop/ rock band I heard growing up in the mid to late eighties. Even then I was steering clear of this stuff by listening to bands like the Talking Heads and Jane’s Addiction.

The members of the band are definitely tight and talented musicians, but their pop harmonies and punchy guitar chords just recycle bits and pieces from several different genres of ’80s music. Even the short guitar solo in the track “Barcelona” just gives me chills and unwanted flashbacks to every generic glam-rock solo you ever heard while desperately trying to find something good on the radio back then.

I think it is impressive that they could put together so many diverse influences from the straight-rocking punk-type riffs in “Click” to their tamed down Bad Brains influenced riff in “Entry Free,” but in the end, I just hear a band recycling old true styles that sell while adding very little (or none) of their own creativity. The sad thing is that they’ll probably find a young audience of kids that don’t know where this music comes from and the cycle will perpetually turn. They’ll make a buck and disappear to never be heard of again. Have fun while it lasts, guys!