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Oh the quips. The witticisms.  When the first “Shrek” film came out, I remember being wowed by the wonderful CGI-ness, the talented cast of voices, and the catchy pop-tune soundtrack.  In the third installment, all the fairy tales collide as the kingdom is taken over to become the setting for an MGM Grand-esque show for princes, ogres and those funny little piggies.  I watched this one on a flight earlier this week and found myself trying to restrain my chuckling so as not to wake the busted girl sitting next to me who thought it was perfectly appropriate to wear her jammies on the plane.  I mean, really.  Anyway, most everyone in America has seen this newest Shrek film already, and with good reason.  It’s got the chuckles, the music (hey, is that Damien Rice?), and that effervescent je ne sais quois that can only lead to a longer shelf life for the whole franchise.  Whoo-hoo!