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Okay, so we may be way behind with this series, but we like a marathon viewing every now and again. ‘How I Met Your Mother’ is awesome for the following reasons.

1. Instead of sucking on latees at Central Perk, these kids drink. A lot. It’s true to life, ya know?
2. It’s damn funny. The 20-somethings of this series are pretty spot-on as they go through lovers, jobs, passions and the like. The fact that they keep the same tight circle of friends though, is pretty terrific.
3. Somehow, amazingly enough, at the end of each episode, there’s a split-second moment of tugging at the heart strings, which only works because the characters are actually grounded in reality. Huh.
4. A proper blooper reel!

TheDVD of season two is out. You should be watching it now.