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Back in March, when “October Road” first hit the ABC airwaves, we took a peek.  Now the DVD of the first season – and by season, we are of course referring to the 6 episodes from the Spring – is out for the rest of the world to have a look.  It is VERY October in the series that always seems to have beautiful leaves falling on the wet pavement.  The storylines that take place here can get a little soap-sudsy, and the air guitar stuff with the best friends from high school is just this side of cheesy.  But these are passing contrivances that we can forgive once we get to the good stuff.  Once the show got into it’s groove, it could finally take a breath after all this is-he-Sam’s-Dad business, to indulge in some great stories.  In particular, take a look at Episode 5: Forever Until Now, which showcases some great writing by exec producer, Josh Appelbaum and direction by David Paymer.  Though it’s not a marathon session, it’s worth having a sit-down with “October Road” before it returns for season two on the 22nd.