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Ah, Paris! While the hero of Pixar’s huge hit, “Ratatouille” (and by huge, of course I am referring to the $577 million worldwide box office), may be a rat, he is basically a sommelier. Having missed the film in cinemas, I was able to enjoy it at home while eating a delicious dinner. Remy, the rat, becomes the unlikely guide to a young rubbish boy in a Paris restaurant that is quickly losing it’s once-sparkling reputation. Culinary escapades ensue in the city of light, as rats, humans and ghosts all collide in this charming tale from Brad Bird (“The Incredibles”). Beyond the very Disney story is some superb animation (have a close look at these rats in the rain), which actually enhances the cartoon food to the point where you want to eat it yourself. The DVD special features include a look at Bird and Thomas Keller in his French Laundry kitchen as well as the chuckle-worthy Pixar short, ‘Lifted’ plus some deleted scenes. If you’re one of the seven people in the world who have not already taken a look at this little gem, then order it up.