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It’s one of the most definitive coming-of-age series’ to ever hit television, there’s no better way to put it. For all the stories we have seen over the years, few come so close to capturing the yearning, heartache and oh-so-fun cafeteria politics as this one. Though we only got 19 episodes, they were all ripe with that all-too-familiar shade of teen angst. Just one look at the pilot and it all comes back. Written by Winnie Holzman, the dark corridors of this American high school can look daunting or celebratory, depending on the mood of our guide, 15 year-old, Angela Chase. I think what struck me the most about this girl was not the usual high-school drama like discovering who your true friends are or dying your hair – but hey, we’ve all been there – rather it’s her interrior monolgue. Those moments of acute observation in her yearning for Jordan Catalano surely resonate with anyone who has ever had their breath taken away as they fall in love. She wonders if he knows that slivers of sleeves and elbows were touching – maybe he doesn’t notice, but for Angela, it’s her entire world. I feel like there’s an overall feeling with the grown-ups of today that pretty much no one wants to go through high school ever again, that they wouldn’t wish it on their worst enemy. But to see it on-screen, where we are not tortured by it, from the creators of “thirtysomething” and “Once and Again” with music by W.G. Snuffy Walden (trust me, you know his work)…in that context, it’s a welcome and nostalgic reunion.