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Dear George Lucas,

Young Indiana Jones hit the air when I was 13 years old. I remember looking forward to all the great adventures, so of course I’ve been waiting anxiously for the coveted DVD. Those were the days when Sunday nights meant we got a great family movie from Disney and Saturday mornings were when we caught up with ‘Garfield’ and all our favorite cartoons. This was before all that kid-friendly goodness got funneled throughout the mass media; now we have to hunt for that stuff. But today, as I watch the first of three installments in the series, I have returned to that ephemeral boyhood yearning. To see a young man tour the world and encounter such excitements – a safari in Africa, sneaking off to Le Lapin Agile and meet Picasso, romance lost and found in Dublin and England as a war changes the landscape every moment – it fills me with envy and hope for what a new day will bring. This is the kind of show that reminds all its viewers that life is not pre-destined. If you want to take part in the world beyond your door, you need only step over its threshold. And I must give you kudos for the historical special features for these episodes. What you’ve given us is not the run-of-the-mill behind-the-scenes B-roll or paltry gag reel, but proper documentaries about the visionary men and women who shaped the twentieth century into the world we now see before us. I hope that all the kids who don’t have The Magical World of Disney on Sunday nights get this one from Santa Claus (or during Chanukah – great first night treat). Thanks for this, Mr. Lucas. Well done. Can’t wait for the new movie!