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For those hard-core Aaron Sorkin fans out there, you don’t need me to tell you about this series that lasted all of one season on NBC. Focusing on the goings-on at an SNL-ish (but in L.A.) sketch comedy show, ‘Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip’ has a delicious cast, including ‘West Wing’ alums like Bradley Whitford, Matthew Perry and Timothy Busfield. Amanda Peet and the wonderful Sarah Paulson are also regulars. The characters and the storylines are pretty terrific. The downfall of the show may have been its lapses in new episodes on the network, thus failing to keep its audience enthralled from week to week. When we did see the show, however, we caught the signature Sorkin moves. There were the sweeping camera movements down hallways, around corners without cuts (per the direction of Thomas Schlamme, a la ‘The West Wing’), there were the political (yet heartfelt) calls to arms that could not help but resonate with American audiences (a jazz tribute to New Orleans post Katrina, a cast member with a younger brother who becomes a P.O.W. in the war), etc. Really, the only ‘special feature’ on here is about the evolution of Studio 60 with a walk-through of the set by Busfield. It feels pretty thrown together – sound isn’t great, no bloopers, no real revelations. So you can skip that and just watched the series itself. You know, just in case you missed some of it, or want to be able to take it all in in one fell swoop.