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Get ready to wipe the drool off your chin. When we first heard of this book which highlights 1000 glorious travel experiences around the world, we were like, sure, send it on over. The problem with books like this is, you end up spending hours online looking for cheap flights and good deals. Softcover, but luminous nonetheless, this volume breaks the world up into regions so that we can easily paw through the photos and various assignments the editors have already enjoyed on our behalf. Some of the more tantalizing excursions include: #929 / Tramping the Milford Tack (I’ve wanted to do that since the Globe Trekker episode on it), #160 / Painting the Town Red at La Tomatina (because hurling tomatoes in Spain is safer than running from the bulls), and #432 / Learning About Elephants in the Botswanan Bush (very Indiana Jones, no?). There’s also a great “fine print” section in the back with all the key websites you’ll need to plan your own adventures, and each section has Miscellany at the end with info on local languages, religions and places to eat. I mean, it’s just an awesome book for travel lovers. You can give it to someone you love for the holidays, or better yet, just get it for yourself and get lost in the daydreams it will conjure.