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You probably don’t need me to tell you that “Transformers” is out on DVD. Numerous billboards, commercials, and even transition graphics between baseball plays made up the first wave of the promotional frenzy, and as a result, the disc is the top seller of the year (8.3 million copies in week one alone). Yes, “Transformers” was one of the biggest movies of the last summer (and you can catch our review of the movie here) but one of the best things about Summer blockbusters coming to DVD is the endless amounts of special features. With movies like this, I really don’t understand the reason behind making a single disc edition, it’s all just a waste of plastic. If you’re like me, learning all about the ground-breaking CGI lighting programs and the $550,000 Chevy Camero will bring you endless amounts of satisfaction. Extended interviews with the cast and crew and extensive behind-the-scenes looks is reason enough to waste a Saturday afternoon with the two-disc special edition. Über fans may even get a kick out of hearing Michael Bay rant about the fans that sent him death threats.