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Let me begin by saying that “The Invisible” stars Justin Chatwin, certainly one to watch after catching him in “The Chumscrubber,” “War of the Worlds,” and, of course, ‘Weeds’ on Showtime. As for “The Invisible,” the answer is…not so much. The story is solid. It comes from a Swedish novel, called “Den Osynlige,” which was also made into a Swiss film in 2002. The premise centers on a high school student whose ambitions extend beyond his family money and the few troubled teens in his circle of friends in…is it Vancouver? Well, as he’s supposed to be on a flight to London, one of his chums, pins a petty crime on him, and the tough girl with the black hoodie hunts him down like a dog in the street to beat him up. One over-eager swing and he’s dead. Ish. He comes back to the world, invisible to everyone around him, and must solve the mysteries surrounding his own attack in order to return to the world of the living. Marcia Gay Harden plays the mom (she has an Oscar, yet this teen flick must’ve been appealing on paper) who has always been distant, but now wants her son’s case to be solved to bring them both peace. The hoodie girl has had a hard-knock life and is just a bully, but there are glimmers of a sweet gal buried deep inside. Chatwin as Nick Powell is really the only one who gets to see them from the great beyond, and that’s an interesting relationship to watch evolve. Not as much as with “Ghost,” but Whoopi can’t be in every picture, now can she? Director, David S. Goyer has some beautiful stuff going on here (as a writer for the upcoming “Jumper” and “The Dark Knight,” he’s clearly got the gray side of life down pretty well). Too bad for us, this film doesn’t quite gel. I think this would work far better as a series, so that we can sit and soak in some of the characters and all their respective baggage as it erupts. The plot of the film doesn’t unravel too quickly, but the emotional challenges need a quick resolve to sort it all out before the credits. Great ingredients, but slightly undercooked.