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There is always a flood of attention around Angelina Jolie every time she blows her nose. If only the stalkarazzi could give her just as much coverage for her fine work in “A Mighty Heart,” perhaps America wouldn’t be quite so close to circling the drain. Based on the true story of Daniel Pearl’s kidnapping while researching a story for The Wall Street Journal, this film gets inside the events of those weeks from Mariane Pearl’s POV. As the FBI, CIA and other government agencies become involved and takeover the Pearl home, it is a relentless search for clues, in a story where the audience already knows what the final act will bring. And because we know that ending and the story so well, everything else has to be an artistic accomplishment. Jolie’s portrayal is a remarkable thing. We see the rock-solid wall she has built around herself as a shield from the pain that may very well come toward her at any moment. We also see a thin glimmer of despair behind those dark eyes, but it quickly vanishes when she turns away for the shortest moment. Michael Winterbottom has done a beautiful job in pointing the camera in all the places our eyes would go if we were actually in the room, and the music of Molly Nyman and Harry Escott is perfect. It is real and harsh and heartbreaking. But it is certainly a film worth seeing and giving proper notice to.