“Heroes” fans can’t wait for Monday night (Oct. 22). That’s when Kristen Bell joins the show as Elle, a mysterious woman with a connection to The Company and a key to Peter’s past.

In a media conference call, Bell, who gained fame playing “Veronica Mars,” dishes on her new role.

On what it’s like to play a character who’s not so nice:
“I have been crossing my fingers in hopes of getting a role where I could play someone who is, as [show creator] Tim [Kring] puts it, a ‘little off’ or perhaps didn’t have the brightest and shiniest of intentions and I think the depths that they’ve written into Elle, this character is so conflicted and sort of comes across as such a vixen, it’s so much fun to play with.”

On who Elle is and what she’s up to:
“I can’t reveal her secret power, you’ll have to watch next Monday, but it’s a very cool power. She has ties to HRG and to Claire, and there’s going to be a very interesting dynamic between her and Claire, as far as what is and what is not, I think there’s gonna be a deeper relationship there than people are expecting… she’s a little bit messed up in the head as far as doing anything to get what she wants. She doesn’t have many boundaries, which I think is the really interesting part of playing this particular character on this particular show. The whole first season has been about these fairly good natured people trying to embrace these abilities and being very conflicted about how they should be using them and Elle is not that way at all. She very much enjoys her power and enjoys the emotional power it gives her over people.”