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The short-lived ABC series, apparently targeted towards the single mid-thirties crowd, is now on DVD; for single people in their mid-thirties to own. Brian, played by Barry Watson (soon to be on ‘Samantha Who?’) is the seventh wheel among his group of six friends. The “married too early”, the “recently engaged” and the “about to have a baby” scenario’s are all played out with Brian, single, and stuck in the middle. Season one drew in a crowd. Mainly storied around the love triangle between two best friends and a confused fiancé-to-be. Although cliché, it is one of those scenario’s with a wide number of possible outcomes for those tricky ABC writers to tease audiences with. And it worked. The series may have had a long run, if it wasn’t for season two. The wake of the love triangle still stirring things up for the cast (which had a sudden integration of minority characters) just fell flat. Although there are a couple interesting story lines and some nice cameos, this one might be one of those series you don’t watch until you have a slight quarterlife-crisis.