Everyone knows theatre kids (and, really, their parents) are friggin’ insane. The pimply-faced teens of American high schools who would stab each other in their scoliosis-riddled backs over the role of Pippn are getting some time in the limelight. Story as old as time. Now Showtime, Lionsgate and Spitfire Pictures are teaming up for a feature-length documentary that takes a look at the middle-America high-school theatre scene. According to their release earlier today:

“The film captures the drama, both on stage and off, when three Southern Indiana high schools – Floyd Central High School, New Albany High School and Jeffersonville High School – spend tens of thousands of dollars on their musical productions in order to compete for admission to the prestigious International Thespian Festival. The documentary follows the students who become involved in these musicals, as well as their parents, teachers, school administrators and local politicians, all of whom are heavily invested in the success of their shows.”

It’ll be like the drama of ‘The Hills,’ the ambiance of “Hoosiers” and the sparkle of a young Richard Simmons doing jazz hands while having an epileptic seizure. Obviously, we will be there on opening weekend.