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So T.R. Knight lost to Terry O’Quinn, and Katherine Heigl (looking radiant) beat out her co-stars Sandra Oh and Chandra Wilson.  Not everyone in the cast of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ can be a winner on Emmy night. That doesn’t mean, of course, that we can’t still adore the show.  While some may criticize its soapiness, it was clearly a banner year for the series, with high drama on screen an off.  In particular, the story arc where George loses his father is seriously moving.  The DVD set also boasts extended episodes, a one-on-one with Ellen Pompeo and more assorted goodies. The coming year will be a strange one, what with the casting shifts, the new spin-off of ‘Private Practice’ starring Kate Walsh and who-knows-what going on in the writer’s room.  Many a television viewer has yet to jump on board with this show, because they think there’s no way to tune in at this point without being completely lost.  And they shouldn’t be doing that anyway.  This is the DVD age (thank goodness!), so pick up seasons one through three and get ready for more.  The craze over this show ain’t going anywhere, so might as well grab a bottle and hunker down, because it’s worth it.