Warner Independent Pictures
In select cinemas on 14 September

What do boys do in the Australian outback?  Well, nothing like you are thinking in the case of the “December Boys.”  These boys are in the Australian outback but confined to a small orphanage that they have become accustomed to.  They are soon presented with a chance of a lifetime.  The orphanage has received some money, and the only way to choose which of the boys go on a much-deserved seaside vacation is by the month they were born.  Hence, December Boys.  These four boys Maps (Daniel Radcliffe), Spark (Christian Byers), Misty(Lee Cormie) and Spit (James Fraser) are all whisked away to a small but quaint private beach along the shore to live with Mrs. ‘Skipper’ McAnsh (Kris McQuade) and Bandy McAnsh (Jack Thompson) for the summer.  Upon their arrival, the boys find that the couple next door to the McAnsh’s are looking to adopt a child.  This creates great disturbance among the peace between the boys and makes major changes in their lives.  This story is well-acted by the entire cast but when it comes to the story, it falls short.  With a little to much coincidence on this tiny beach the characters wash out into just a play-by-play of events.  The entrance into independent film world for Daniel Radcliffe will hopefully not be stumped by this film.