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High profile comedians seem to relish starring in these sort of low- key dry comedy vessels in which they are able to play white-collar, routine-driven straight characters whose lives slowly are unraveled. Will Ferrell starred in “Stranger than Fiction,” Jim Carey in “The Truman Show,” etc. These are good decisions, because without these stars we may actually forget that we are watching a comedy. “Year of the Dog” is one such film starring Molly Shannon. After her beloved dog, Pencil, passes away, Peggy’s (Shannon) life is thrown into an unbalanced tizzy. Co-stars John C. Reilly and Peter Sarsgaard temporarily even the scale but in the end only help to disentangle Peggy’s un-fulfillment even further. Through a series of trial-by- fire moments, Peggy’s life slowly sets course for happiness and all is well in the end. Unfortunately, “Year of the Dog” slightly misses the mark where “Stranger than Fiction” and “The Truman Show” succeed. You never quite feel for Shannon’s character (at least not after her pup dies) and her world is so askew it’s hard to relate to anything around her. Dog lovers might wanna just skip this one and get a Best in Show calendar instead.