Quarterlife Trailer

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Forget the fall TV season. The most exciting video programming may be a new Internet drama called “quarterlife”, coming to myspacetv.com on Nov. 11. Myspacetv.com has featured serialized Web programs such as “Prom Queen” and “Lonelygirl15” but “quarterlife” promises to be a step up in class with veteran TV producers and Emmy winners Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick in charge. This is the team that created “My So-Called Life”, “thirtysomething”, “Relativity” and “Once and Again.”

“Quarterlife” stars Bitsie Tulloch as a young blogger looking for creative outlets. The show will be split into 36 eight-minute segments debuting Sunday and Thursday nights. Herskovitz says the show, which was originally produced three years ago as a pilot for ABC, will be “network quality.” The episodes will also air on Quarterlife.com, a social networking site that the producers are starting, aimed to connect creative young people with each other.