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Trying to write a review for ‘Ugly Betty’ is like writing about the weather. We’ve all seen it, basked in it, and generally think that it’s a beautiful day. As a proven success elsewhere on the planet, the American series has really raised the bar for the franchise by way of its production value. Whether it’s Salma Hayek or some smarty-pants over at ABC, the tone of the show manages to ride the line between camp-comedy and sincere, character-driven drama. The real meat of the latter is found in every member of Betty’s family out in Queens. They are the heart of the show, and Betty’s warm (and, yes, awkward) touch is what grounds all the other kooks she comes in contact with while working at the high-end fashion magazine, MODE. There is also that bold production design and the costumes of Patricia Field that make every moment pop as needed. The real reason to buy this DVD is to catch-up on all the missed episodes (and obviously prep for the new season). So go out and get the first season set (there are some enjoyable bonus features as well). Watch them on a Satu