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Never before has a show about beauty been so dirty and delicious.  Before the new season begins next month on FX, the DVD of “Nip/Tuck” season four is ready to tickle us in all the right (and flat out wrong) places.  These episodes are a nice turning point for the story, as our favorite doctors become fathers once more.  There’s also plenty of ghosts from past horrors to keep everyone on edge.  Then there’s all the wonderful supporting cast, like Brooke Shields and Rosie O’Donnell whose characters bring their own special shade of crazy into the mix.  Throw in some scientology and five-finger discounts on post-coital kidneys, and you have got a juicy series.  Not to mention the great writing and choice of music by which to carve up that flesh… We shall have to wait and see what the new Los Angeles season brings.  For the moment, the fourth season may be the most luscious of them all.