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Do they really need to call this “the dirty laundry edition”?  Did they really have to call season two “the extra juicy edition”?  We don’t need all that.  They’re DVDs, they have special features, we get it.  And this one’s a hot show, so we’ll buy it regardless, now pipe down with the commentary, will ya?  I must admit, when I saw the word ‘juicy’ on the second season set, I let it sit in its shrink wrap for months.  I wanted no part of it.  But in preparation for season three, I sat through it.  I watched two seasons of the Housewives in three days. As a result, I feel completely exhausted and mysteriously rejuvenated.  I think it’s because of Gabrielle Solis, and how I kind of want to have her fancy cat life.  The good news is that the model of the series has not shifted.  It’s still families, lovers, gossip, murder and cover-ups (the cops are always on Wisteria Lane, aren’t they?).  We’re still lovin’ on the ladies and all the special features on the last disc.  Marcia Cross takes us through the various ways they covered up her baby belly before she went off to give birth.  Marc Cherry watches his scripts become ‘Amas de Casa Desperadas’ and comments on the casting, and translation of his story across borders.  But the real meat is in the episodes.  Granted, anyone who ends up in a coma makes me think of nothing but daytime television, but that’s alright.  It works.  Scenarios and writing are truly better than ever – note episode 7: Bang – and are worth another look.  Especially if, like me, you drifted off for a bit.