McFarlane Toys
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It’ll be awhile before the series hits primetime again, but there are other ways for you to get you ‘LOST’ fix. McFarlane has released their second wave of ‘LOST’ figures which include: Sun, Jin, Mr. Eko, and Sawyer. Just about everything McFarlane produces is amazingly detailed, but the ‘LOST’ figures are almost in a class of their own. Like the first series, each character comes straight out of a specific episode from the series that includes a fully-detailed base that also serves as a “talk box” that spits out different quotes for each one. Each figure also comes with a prop relevant to each character. Sawyer comes with his letter (which is on actual white ruled paper), Jin with two pages from his “translation guide.” Sun comes with the Oceanic Air ticket sleeve (which is pretty neat) and lastly, Eko comes with two slides from a Dharma film (and I’m not telling what’s on them). We are guaranteed another 3 seasons of the show and you can bet McFarlane will be pumping out figures of cast members just as fast as the series kills them off. The third series will include Sayid, Desmond, Clare (and baby?) and Ben.

Check out pictures of all four characters below.