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‘Dexter’, the Miami serial killer with a moral code, became a creepy cable sensation for Showtime last season. The four-disc DVD is now out, just in time for new fans to catch up before the second season begins on 30 September, and for old fans who just want to enjoy this masterpiece again. The 12-episode run builds to a satisfying resolution, which doesn’t happen too often with TV shows. The chapter 12 finale comes with insightful commentary from the executive producers. Note to Emmy voters: after watching Michael C. Hall’s dazzling performance as Dexter, don’t you feel stupid you didn’t reward him with a nomination? Start watching some real TV. BTW, if you can’t get enough of lovable killers… Keller, Lawrence Block’s affable stamp-collecting hit man, is back in ‘Hit Parade’, the third volume in the top-notch mystery series.