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Sadly, not even the well-rounded roster of supporting actors (Jason Bateman, Amy Poehler, Fred Armisen and Charles Grodin) could help guide “The Ex” to good things. Tom (Zach Braff) is the perpetual ex-employee who is about to start a family with this successful wife Sofia (Amanda Peet). When she decides to leave her career behind to become a full-time mommy, the breadwinner position is handed off to Tom, who quickly looses his grasp on it. With no other options, they decide to move back her hometown, working under her father and guided by her paraplegic EX boyfriend, Chip (Bateman.) It all sounds great on paper (and suspiciously like and ’80s comedy) but the fact is that “The Ex” suffers from unrelatable and unlikable characters and an unsteady plot that just can’t survive in the post-Apatow world of funny. Between battling the wheelchair-bound Chip for his wife’s affection, Tom’s bad decisions domino in all different directions affecting his work and family. It’s one of those movies where you see how it’s all going to end from the moment it starts only the joke is dead before it begins.