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Someone did some brilliant casting putting these guys together.  Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling are a pretty unbeatable pair for this Hitchcokian thriller.  Makes sense considering that the director (Gregory Hoblit) is the same guy who did “Primal Fear” and “Frequency.”  This story begins with Ted Crawford (Hopkins,) who discovers that his wife (Rosamund Pike) has been sneaking off for a little afternoon delight with another fellow.  In the first few moments of the film he shoots and kills her in their beautiful SoCal home.  Doesn’t leave much mystery in terms of a whodunit, but the real fun begins when a young DA takes the case.  Willy Bechum (Gosling) is a spunky young guy with one foot out the door of his public office, moving on up to the fancy private sector.  He takes on Crawford thinking it’s in the bag, but then suddenly crucial evidence is MIA.  It’s a clever little game these two men play with one another, which proves to be more interesting than the twist at the end.  As far as finale shockers go, I was kinda like: “Oh.”  But watching our leading men is well worth it.  To confuse matters a bit more, the DVD has alternate endings and deleted scenes, so that by this point, it’s hard to recall the actual ending.  But whatever.  Don’t expect a gasper at the end, but you can enjoy several shades of coy as these two characters play one another.