Everyone’s favorite pack of abs might be making the leap to the comic book adaptation world. With all this hype over the Justice League film, the studio’s want to use it as a launching pad for The Flash, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman. Those journalists over at MTV squeezed the following out of Reynolds.

“‘The Flash’ isn’t dead at all. There’s talk of it being a JLA movie, the Justice League having them all together. And then there’s other talk of doing a ‘Flash’ movie with [director] Shawn Levy.” … Rumors of a Justice League movie have gained momentum in recent weeks. Now we’re hearing it straight from one of the potential stars’ mouths. When asked if he thought the JLA film might happen first, Reynolds told us, “[it] might, yeah. I don’t really know how much I’m allowed to talk about that stuff. But I’m sure they’ll figure out something. It’s no secret that they have a JLA script and it’s a project that’s in development – the contents of which, who knows. We’ll see.”

I have always hoped that someone would find a way to make Ryan Reynolds wear red skin-tight spandex.