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Turns out Dave Matthews is a pretty darn good actor. He’s one of the great guest stars that pops up in season three of ‘House’ (Piper Peraboo, Marc Blucas and the return of Charles S. Dutton are also on the list). The major shift in these 24 episodes is not only the fact the House (Hugh Laurie) cannot only walk and run (well, for a short time anyway), but the series as a whole has shed its stand-alone-episode motif. There is an office fling between Chase and Cameron (Jesse Spencer and Jennifer Morrison, respectively) that goes off and on, there’s even more flirting between House and Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein), and in general, the things that unravel that take more than 43 minutes to piece back together. I am not sure if it’s the witty repartee of House or the hypochondriac lying dormant inside me, but I can actually sit through hours of this series without wanting to stop. The other night I was up until 2am just watching case after case after case. You’ll notice that when the writing room picks up on a theme, they don’t let it go. A year or two ago there was a whole month when every case required a lumbar puncture. Well this season the liver is the kicker. Everyone and their mother get jaundice. They’re all yellow, it’s totally gross. But the writing is so good that we can stare at blood and puss all day if we can just keep listening. I wonder what colour the box for the season 4 DVD set will be…