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If you want to see our review, then you can reference the captain’s log. As for the newly-released DVD, there are some special features here worth having a look at. First off, there’s “Behind the Mind of Chris Pratt,” where Joseph Gordon-Levitt takes us inside his process. He had read the script 11 months prior to shooting so it got to fester, and said it was his hardest job to date. He offers some nice dramaturgical tidbits about his character development, and some of the more method-y tacks he took when approaching the gig. Then there’s “Sequencing ‘The Lookout’,” where writer/director, Scott Frank talks up his ideology of character and story in the script – one that was nearly made several times and bandied about for over 10 years. Frank’s other credits include “The Interpreter” and “Minority Report,” but this may be one of his best, because it affords the opportunity to hone in on such wonderful characters. Finally, there’s the commentary over the film from Frank and the DP, Alar Kivilo, who tackled Canadian weather to ultimately achieve a look that is both macabre and Hopper-esque. It’s all great stuff to see and hear, and just goes to remind us how wonderful (and underplayed) the film is. Go rent it, kids.