Premieres 21 August 2007

The billboard touts the phrase: “She’s coming!”  That says it all, I feel.  FOX’s new show, “Anchorwoman” claims to be a comedy/reality hybrid that follows swimsuit model, Lauren Jones down to Tyler, Texas, where she’s becoming a hard-hitting news anchor for KYTX Channel 19.  The lessons are tough ones.  She has to conquer to use of a teleprompter, avoid winking and doing air quotes to the camera, and ultimately prove that she can hold her own when talking about things like the war…and stuff.  The show manages to coyly make all the appropriate jabs at both Lauren and small town America.  Apparently it’s not that tiny after all.  Through snarky exposition we learn that there are even nightclubs down there.  I can understand the appeal of the “bull in a China shop” thing, but it’s just not that engaging. And her presence puts all the other anchorpeople of the defensive.  It’s much like the Will Ferrell / Christina Applegate bitch fight that we all adore so much, only not funny, or starring Will Ferrell or Christina Applegate.  We watch Ms. Jones get the gist of the gig for days before her first live 5pm broadcast, and seconds before she’s about to go live….END CREDITS!  Dagnabit!  A show that’s not very good (or funny) nabs me in the end!  Really, is there no justice in the world?  I mean, really… My professional opinion is that you should stay far far away.