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In shops Tuesday, 7 August 2007

If you ask me, Fozzie Bear never gets enough play.  We need more Fozzie all the time.  “The Muppet Show” is such a tease, really.  All these little skits and snippets just make me want to go over to the shelf and pull down one of those brilliant Muppet movies.  This second season of the show has 24 episodes full of those chuckles we all know so well.  I didn’t watch them all because that would just make me too peculiar of a person, but I can tell you about the highlights that I adore. Dom DeLuise hosts one where he and Miss Piggy have a little slapfest about their weight.  Madeline Kahn shows up, looking radiant, singing it up. And, of course, the reason I got into the judgment business in the first place, Statler & Waldorf with their snarky remarks from their box seats.  And the chef, obviously.  Don’t you just adore them all?  You can’t really critique the Muppets, except to say that you always want more more more. Pigs in space? I mean, really.  Just wonderful! Check out this season and you can also see episodes with Steve Martin, George Burns, Bernadette Peters, Elton John, Julie Andrews and Bob Hope.

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