Oh look, another movie about the war…

MGM has released their first full trailer for “Lions for Lambs” the Robert Redford / Meryl Streep / Tom Cruise pic about…yup, the war. Redford is also a producer and the director of the film. Someone posted this description on IMDB:

Simultaneously: 1) a Senator on Capital Hill debates a current crisis in Afghanistan, with the Reporter who made his career … 2) a Professor teaching Political Science tries his best to convince a good student not to give up his studies, using two former students who passionately enlisted in the Army as an example … 3) both of which (coincidentally) are currently under fire in Afghanistan — the very same crisis the Senator and Reporter are debating over.

Sounds like a play if you ask me, only in 3 different locations. Whatever. Meryl Streep could be doing dishes and we’d show up to see it.